2023 Venues

“Yuletide by the Riverside: Majestic Mansions on Front Street!”

Hors d'oeuvre and Aperitifs

The Historic Burns Mansion

Hors d’oeuvre and Apéritifs will be served in this Tudor Revival-styled house built in 1924 for furniture store owner John P. Burns and his wife Olive is the earliest known work of the celebrated Harrisburg architects Lawrie & Green. Its distinctive “half timbered” design (masonry on the first floor and exposed timber beams above) is a trademark feature of 16th-century English architecture and its 20th-century American revival. Since acquiring the house in 2020, Jeffrey and Diane Coleman have carried out a sensitive restoration.

Formal Dinner

The John Harris – Simon Cameron Mansion

The setting for our formal candlelight dinner is the magnificently appointed John Harris – Simon Cameron Mansion, built in 1766 by Harrisburg founder John Harris, Jr.  The mansion was acquired in 1863 by business tycoon and political boss Simon Cameron who “Victorianized” the Colonial-era edifice and lowered the floors to accommodate two 14-foot mirrors purchased in France. In 1941, Cameron’s heirs donated the mansion to the Historical Society of Dauphin County.

Dessert Buffet

“Norman Towers” - the Historic Troup Mansion

Our dessert buffet will be served in the turreted French chateau-esque styled mansion built in 1929 for Maude and Lewis Troup of Harrisburg’s Troup Brothers Music Store, a prominent business for many decades on Market Square.  After many years serving as a commercial office, it was acquired in early 2023 by Mato Bekelja, who has restored it as his personal residence.