A Unique Partnership

In the world of fundraising and non-profit programming, very few enterprises match the unique partnership between The Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania and Historic Harrisburg Association, now nearing its 30th anniversary and still going strong! Whereas some charitable organizations team up for a one-time project or a coalition, Elegant Progressions has become an enduring and rock-solid marriage of its two founding non-profits. They even have a joint checking account!

For an explanation of how these two seemingly disparate organizations Historic Harrisburg Association and the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania got hitched up in the first place, that interesting story is told in our History.

The Elegant Progressions Steering Committee and all of its sundry subcommittees draw personnel from the ranks of both organizations as well as from the community at large. The offices and staff of both Kidney Foundation and Historic Harrisburg provide administrative support and expertise.  As each organization pursues its annual and ongoing goals and challenges, the “Elegant Progressions Team” is able to function as an uninterrupted, year-round enterprise. This has proven to be beneficial for all concerned.

attendees sitting at table during 2017 elegant progressions

The benefits that accrue to Kidney Foundation and Historic Harrisburg are more than just financial. Their partnership in Elegant Progressions since 1992 has exposed both organizations to a premier “A List” of community and business leaders far broader than their own constituencies. Learning by participating, many longtime supporters have acquired, over time, multiple (triple!) loyalties to Kidney Foundation, Historic Harrisburg and Elegant Progressions! Volunteers have been known to spill across organizational lines as well. 

Donors to Elegant Progressions, whether individuals, businesses, foundations or other entities, have the unique satisfaction of knowing that their generosity is supporting not one but two important charities!

The funds raised by Elegant Progressions, well in excess of $1 million since 1992, equally support both the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania and Historic Harrisburg Association. In December, after each year’s Elegant Progressions bills have been paid, the Steering Committee approves an equal distribution of net proceeds to the two beneficiaries. 

Thus, both Kidney Foundation and Historic Harrisburg start each new year with a hefty contribution from Elegant Progressions, while the Elegant Progressions Team turns its attention to planning the coming year’s edition of what has come to be recognized as both a unique fundraising partnership and a grand social event!